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Studio 11

2019   |   Art Direction, Design, Branding

Studio 11 is a holistic wellness studio offering healing sessions like Reiki and other energy modalities. They were in need of branding and below are the final logos, colors, landing page concept and Instagram page design. The logos below are in full color and black & white formats.


Aside from the logos above that are utilized for more purposes, vertical formats and logos containing the company name are also needed for other uses.

Logo - vertical.jpg

Branding Colors

Studio 11 really wanted their brand to feel serene, safe and modern, all while feeling earthy and dreamy at the same time. I came up with a palette that accomplished just that and drew inspiration from sandy beaches on a cloudy day. The client was very pleased.

branding colors.jpg

Website Home Page

I challenged myself to create a responsive landing page using html and css code only. Design programs were not used, as I input the code directly into a code editing software.

website + iphone landing pg mockup.jpg

Social Media Feed Posts

social media posts.png

Instagram Story Highlight Icons

All icons were illustrated by me in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

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