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2014-2019   |   Design, Branding, Exhibit & Environmental Design 

As an in-house B2B Designer, I focused on internal and client communications. Typical projects varied from web design and web assets, to emails, decks, landing pages and trade show design/branding that included leading all design assets before the start of the event to after for a seamless user experience.

crowd shot.jpg
t sports white.png

Branded Client Event

Client ticketing events were held a few times a year. This particular one was hosted at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, California. I led the design direction and created a sub-brand while working with the event manager and vendors. Below are the window wraps, conference brochures and floor clings.

Dolby Wraps.jpg

Window Wraps

Brochure cover.jpg
Brochure 1.jpg
Brochure 3.jpg

Conference Brochure

Floor Clings cropped.jpg

Floor Clings

Ticketmaster Client Website

The B2B website was the home base for our business clients that ranged within the sports, music, performing arts, venues, and campus industries. It was also an access to their ticketing platform, business products and support. Design played an integral part and it required a range of necessities like image banners, photography, video, iconography, and a layout with a seamless user experience.

Ticketmaster B2B homepage.jpg

Conference Room Screens 

Most typically, internal communications consisted of emails, pitch decks, PR releases, blog imagery. At times, there were other needs throughout the company like the design of iPad screens that were used to check conference room availabilities and book meetings. 

Mock in a conference room.jpg
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